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Letter #1233

Thank you, thank you for your dog food. Our lab mix Lakota is 7 years old. We've always bought a variety of brands of canned dog food, as she tires easily of any one type/brand of food. Many a time we've had to throw away food in her bowl since she just refuses to eat. I started buying Freshpet recently (2 weeks ago) and WOW, she's no longer a finicky eater. You would think I was carving a roast beef on the counter when I prepare the Freshpet! She gobbles it up and I have not thrown away one morsel of Freshpet since we've been feeding it to her. I've also added the roasted meals to the chicken roll for variety. I just bought the small roll of beef to see if she liked it, silly me to think she wouldn't like it, it was gone in the blink of an eye. Thank you for providing a nutritious food for my dog and Lakota would like to thank you also.

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