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Brandi’s Story

I have a pug who will be 4 years old in July. She has been a very sick dog her whole life. She would vomit everyday, she has major hair loss, had rashes and pimples all over her skin,her skin was turning black, and so on. I have tried so many different dog foods with her to try and help her with her problems thinking that she had a food allergy. After having an assessment done on her for food and environmental triggers as well as probable health concerns, I have found out that she has a fungus that has taken over her digestive track! All the foods I have ever tried was only feeding the fungus. My last resort was to try Freshpet since it was grain free and low carbohydrate. Basicly this food would starve the fungus. She has been eating this for 1 month now and what a big difference in her!!! She no longer throws up, she has more energy, she wants to play again, and she has lost the yeasty body odor !!!!!! Thank you so much Freshpet for saving my dogs life. She will be a Freshpet dog the rest of her life. Thank you so much !!

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