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Tiger33’s Story

We got our cat Tiger 8 years ago when he was about 4 months old. From the first vet trip we noticed a problem with his bowels, which the vet gave him a dewormer and said the diarrhea was typical, switching foods and all. Well, 8 years later, and many trips to the vet, he had never had a solid bowel movement. I'm talking, complete stinky liquid. There wasn't a single vet that could diagnose him and they all suggested prednisone or a very intense and expensive surgery to see what's wrong. They suggested trying different foods, prescription foods. After doing a lot of research I was convinced it was IBS/IBD. Well, 2 months ago my neighbor mentioned putting her cats on a raw meat only diet. My Tiger wouldn't touch it! Looking for the frozen raw meat I came across Vital. Worth a try! Took about 2 weeks giving him 1/2 his normal food and 1/2 Vital. I immediately noticed the smell of his potty was diminishing, and now he has had completely solid bowels! I am forever grateful to Petfresh!

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