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My paw, Roo, is a 9yr old Jack Russell Terrier. Roo has a tough go around .... allergies to dust & grass since she was a puppy, fear based aggression, and now ... diabetes. It was a devastating blow to us but we accepted the reality. Trying to find food for Roo to eat while diabetic was rough. We tried every dry kibble and every wet food made for diabetics out there but Roo refused them all. She was lost about 7 pounds, her fur all fell out and she wasn't doing well. And then, we tried her on Fresh Pet Vital. Saving grace! Roo ate the entire bowl in 5 minutes. We were so excited! We're now using ONLY Fresh Pet Vital for Roo. She has stopped losing weight, has started to enjoy her meals completely and her fur is growing back. We have our happy little Jackie back and we are on our way to getting her health back under control. Thank you Fresh Pet for stopping the struggle of food with my girl, Roo.