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Lexi’s Story

My dog, Lexi, is an older rescue dog. Her exact age is unknown, but we estimate between 10-14 yrs. She is a Shih Tzu mix who weighs about 10 lbs. She only has a few teeth left and she recently began showing symptoms of congestive heart failure. She has never really been an enthusiastic eater and will often skip meals. A few weeks ago, she stopped eating altogether. Unsure if this was a symptom of her illness or a result of her inability to chew the dry food, I frantically went to the store to find moist food that she would eat. I bought several options, but Vital was the DEFINITE winner! Lexi LOVES this food! She jumps around with the energy of a puppy the minute I pull the bag out and greedily devours her food! She didn't have any digestive issues switching to Vital, and I love that it is not messy like some other moist foods can be and it actually smells good!

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coco and cassi’s Story
“my dogs are getting older and they have a tough time with dry food. I hate can food and this is a fabulous alternative to both. they love it and it is healthy for them. thanks for the product”
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Letter #3501
“Coco is a 17 year old beagle. She stumbled and fell on our steps and was lethargic. She refused to eat or drink. I brought home Freshpet and Pedialyte and she bounced back! It was definitely Freshpet - I have been giving (…)”
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Letter #1804
“My dog eats Freshpet Select every day. It is the only food she enjoys. ”
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Letter #1929
“Freshpet works for well for my dog who has allergies. I like that you can cut what you need off. I'm in love with this food; he loves the taste and doesn't itch with it. Thank you!! (…)”
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Letter #1207
“My Shih Tzu wouldn't eat any canned food but now he loves to eat Freshpet. ”
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Letter #1240
“We just started this week feeding our beagle Freshpet select. We bought it at our local Shop Rite supermarket. We do it a little differently, we feed him blue buffalo dry food, mixed in with one slice of the Pet Fresh select (…)”
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