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Maggie, Tonto, Taffy’s Story

About a year ago, our Newfie, Maggie did not seem to want to eat - she had lost weight and we found that she had Lyme Disease (even after treating her with tick medications). The vet told me to feed her three times a day until she gained 10 pounds. Well, I tried everything from wet canned to dry toufffdraw - but once we discovered Freshpet - she became a champ at eating! We recently tried "VitalufffdFreshpet Brands" and she really loves those! She has gained 20 pounds this year and looks fabulous. She runs, plays, and is generally, one of the best dogs we have ever had. Being a giantufffdbreed we have to be careful with her not getting "too" heavy and it seems like the Freshpet keeps herufffdweight right where it should be. She gobbles her food and literally does a victory dance when sheufffdsees it is dinnertime! Hooray for Freshpet! We have our Maggie back to her healty self and she is happy too!

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