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dallas and kobe bryant’s Story

i wasnt too sure what food i could buy that my dogs would love so much so my vet recommened i try freshpet dog food for my kiddos and i bought some and they simply loved it, they have been on it for 3 months now and their coats went from coarse to silky soft and they have so much energy now.. i was really concerned about them gaining weight but that has not happened, i feed them morning and night,i recommend freshpet to other moms of finicky eaters..i also tried freshpet cat food and my cats love it, oh and it smells really good and i know they are eating their veggies too

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Letter #2142
“My service dog who had diarrhea is doing great on Freshpet Select. I'm amazed at his turnaround. Thank you!”
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Letter #1023
“My dog LOVED Freshpet Select, and it has really helped with his teeth.”
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Roosevelt’s Story
“After seeing our vet to make sure my dog's sudden finickiness wasn't a medical condition, we tried at least 4 other quality dog foods. It wasn't until I bought Deli Fresh that I knew we had a winner! He can't wait to (…)”
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Letter #1029
“My two boston terriers love Freshpet.”
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Letter #1047
“Luckily we found a food she will eat right away. Won't eat anything else. ”
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Frito’s Story
“My cat was on Iams dry food for years and has gotten very heavy. I put her on Fresh Pet and she loves it. she is losing weight and acting like a kitten again. Though it is somewhat pricey.”
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