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Pepper’s Story

We adopted Pepper as our first dog and the adoption site didn't really have a suggestion on what type of food to use. They said to find what works best for the dog. We found a few dry products that seemed healthy but eventually you could tell Pepper didn't like it all. On some occasions she would throw it up just because it wasn't digesting and you would see whole pieces of the food in her upchuck. We started looking for fresh petufffdufffdfoods and Freshpet was luckily in the grocery store. We gave her the tube stuff first and she loved it. Then we gave her the bag full of chunky chicken strips and cranberries/carrots and this is by far hers and ours favorite. The only problem is that we sometimes have a hard time finding it in the local stores. Only one grocery store so far has it and it sells out quickly. I haven't seen it at PetSmart or other local stores. Anyways, since having her full time on Freshpet she has a lot more energy and her poops are so much easier. You can tell that her food is going into her body instead of coming out of her directly in a mess on her walks. Her old food used to give her runny poops but now they are normal and usually small almost like pellets of healthy poop. They come out very small compared to the old stuff which means the food is getting used in her body and her energy instead of passing right through. The wet tube Fresh pet food is a little less normal but still has plenty of energy. We prefer the bagged fresh chicken but it is very hard to find in stores. On her old food she stopped jumping on furniture which we were concerned about but she also had a slight limp on her back left leg that she got from playing with another dog too much. We thought we might need surgery eventually and the Vet said it was a pinched nerve that would get worse with time. With Freshpet now for two months she suddenly surprised us again and jumped on the couch out of nowhere. She even jumped on the bed and it is twice the height. She didn't do that for the longest of times but now her energy is like she's a one year old instead of a seven year old rescue. I'm not going to attribute this to Freshpet directly but I have no other explanation. Her back leg limp is gone! She walks normal from when we picked her up at the adoption center. Can healthy food really cure a pinched nerve in your back? I think it could with humans so why not dogs? Every dog should be on Freshpet and owners will see their pets full potential.

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