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Pudin’s Story

About 18 months ago, our Cockapoo, Pudin' was no longer herself. She was thin, wouldn't eat, and was slowly wasting away. Like any crazy pet mom, I took her to every specialist imaginable. I cried daily as I watched her slowly fade, hating that I was unable to help her. No one was able to determine why she was so ill, but suspected an occult cancer. Imaging and labs were no help and we began to accept the fact that our sweet dog, my best friend for 10 years, would leave us. We started steroids as a last resort. She held on. I fed her through a syringe every 2 hours, a mad woman on a mission. I slowly watched her start to come back to us. We fearfully weaned her steroids, but were diligent in her nutrition. For 6 months we watched this transformation as we boiled chicken and sweet potatoes, duck and pumpkin. We scrambled eggs and boiled rice, and bought her fresh salmon. I counted her calories and wouldn't give up. She thrived. She ate better than me most nights. As the months went by, we tried to reintroduce dog food. Chewy's Raw Freeze Dried Duck worked for about a week. Once, she ate organic canned bison. It became quite obvious that if we wanted our girl to remain healthy that we would be cooking two meals a day for hopefully a decade. We accepted this and snuggled our sweet girl. Then one day, at Kroger, I found Freshpet. I had shopped at every dog food store in San Diego, and in Little Rock, after we moved. I had offered her every single organic food, every prescription food, even low-end dog foods equatable to McDonalds. Nothing. No more than a bite. It had been a few months and so I decided this new dog food was worth a try. I bought every type. She hesitated on the tub. She ate the bag of fresh kibble for about 2 weeks. Then we tried the tube. The tube has saved our family. She LOVES the tube. Twice a day we serve her chopped up tube and she couldn't be happier. Our sweet cockapoo, who was dying 18 months ago, now demands her breakfast and dinner, daily. She has grown back all of her hair, has a bit of a chubby tummy, that makes my heart so happy every time she demands it rubbed. My husband and I are happier, as we no longer have to get up and cook her a balanced meal every morning. And the chihuahua is thrilled to eat any leftovers. Everyone is happy. Everyone is healthy. We could not ask for more, and are so thankful every time we pass the Freshpet refrigerator, happily filling our grocery cart with tubes.

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