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Jufffd_ger’s Story

I have a hand fed (tube fed) cleft palate pup that I needed to ween from formula. For sure required a food that would not crumble into tiny bits and get into his sinus. The pup was not doing well, with stomach issues and of course could not latch on to his mom. I had already tried, with success, vital raw foods for my adult dogs, and noticed your soft kibble like foods in the cold section at the pet store. The pup only weighed 7 oz at 5 wks old, he was gaining less than an ounce per week, and really needed to gain some weight. I cut up the soft kibbles so he could manage the size without chewing. He has been on this diet now for a week and thriving well. He is now 10 oz. I was concerned about constipation, and his stool is fine now on this diet. I also introduced the same food to the rest of the litter and they all love it and are doing well. As well I now feed this same recipe to the adult dogs, with no issues from switching foods. There was no other soft kibble at any of the stores in my area, not even a soft cat kibble (except for vital, which I would had tried) for my special pup. Thank you for making this healthy, nutritious, grain free, easy to feed dog food!

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