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Arlie’s Story

Thanks to an accidental introduction I have my old friend back! Arlie is a 10 year old golden retriever. My son left for the US Marines and my partner lives hours away. Arlie is my best friend, it's just us girls. I started seeing blood in her stool and she began having either diarrhea or constipation with every bowel movement. I gathered samples, we went to our vet, specialists, had x rays, ultrasounds, antibiotics, steroids, blood tests, two different prescription foods and spent thousands of dollars. The best determination they could make was irritable bowel disease. Arlie was wasting away. She lost 20lbs in a couple of months and wouldn't even pick up her feet to go on a walk. No more light in her eyes even for a ball. I would come home at lunch to check on her and was afraid when I opened the door she wouldn't be alive. At a friend's house while I was trying to get her to eat her prescription food to no avail, she seemed interested in what they were feeding their dog. They affectionally call it "loaf." It was Freshpet. It was the first thing I had seen her perk up for so I let her eat it against doctor's orders. Within hours her energy improved and within a day her stool improved. I was so excited that she was actively eating I decided to continue feeding it to her! We bought more "loaf" on the way home from their house and I am so happy to say she has done a complete 180! She has regained her weight her energy and the light in her eyes. At the last appointment I told the vet and she said she has seen it before, with a cat who had horrendous IBS. I am so grateful we stumbled onto FreshPet because I have no doubt I would've lost my best friend at worst, or at best put her through some exploratory surgery that was not necessary. She is an older dog, but with FreshPet I know that I have more quality time with my sweet girl, who wants to play ball and begs at the fridge for more "loaf"! Thank you so much!

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