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So Far So Great

Little Emma is my french bulldog. Any frenchie lovers out there know how finicky there stomachs can be, among other health problems. We were feeding Emma what we thought was a good dry kibble from a highly review brand. Around the age of 6 months, shortly after getting spayed, Emma got her first urinary tract infection. After that, about every three months she would have another UTI. They were so bad she was peeing blood. I decided after a few months of this, continued vet bills and tests that showed nothing, that I needed to do a complete overhaul on her nutrition. That's when we switched to FreshPet Select. It's been about 2 months since the food switch and NO urinary tract infection! Not only that, but Emma loves to eatufffdshe practically runs to her bowl every morning and night. It may be too soon to tell, but I feel confident in saying that FreshPet has almost everything to do with Emmaufffds health turnaround. We are one happy family!

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