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Poo’s Story

A #FreshStart with Freshpet is just what my cat, Poo needed! :) I started her on your food about 3 months ago. Previously she had been getting wet food from a popular brand in the mornings, and dry food left out for her throughout the day. Right now we are transitioning her diet, so she is having her Freshpet to start the day instead of the can, along with her regular dry food to snack on. Just in this short time, the change in my beloved pet is miraculous! She looks amazing! Her eyes are more clear. Her fur is shinier, softer and fuller. She had also had an undiagnosable skin condition that has completely dissapeared since the swithch! To top it all off, her energy levels have sky rocketed! She is three years old, but as playful as a kitten!Thank you for improving the quality of both of our lives! I am beyond grateful for you,Freshpet! LIFESAVER! Literally. ;)

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