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ButterCup’s Story

My dog was a rescue dog. She didn't receive the best of care & was so accustomed to eating table scraps that she simply would not eat at all. I tried everything from soft food to hard food in every brand known to man & still nothing. She was becoming so emaciated that I was about to give in to the table food (which I know is unhealthy) out of fear of her starving herself to death. It was on a trip to my mom's house that she became obsessed with the cat's food which I happily purchased for her with joy that she was independently eating 'something'. This bought me some time to search for a healthier solution. Expressing my frustration to friend one day, she suggested I try Freshpet & so I did. My pet fell in love, she eats all the other flavors but this one is by far her favorite.She eats up to three servings a day, her bowel movements are regular, she no longer gets constipated and she is picking up her weight at a healthy rate. This product will undoubtedly go far b/c if I could get my overly-particular pooch to eat it religiously, it's a winner hands down.

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