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ButterCup’s Story

My dog was a rescue dog. She didn't receive the best of care & was so accustomed to eating table scraps that she simply would not eat at all. I tried everything from soft food to hard food in every brand known to man & still nothing. She was becoming so emaciated that I was about to give in to the table food (which I know is unhealthy) out of fear of her starving herself to death. It was on a trip to my mom's house that she became obsessed with the cat's food which I happily purchased for her with joy that she was independently eating 'something'. This bought me some time to search for a healthier solution. Expressing my frustration to friend one day, she suggested I try Freshpet & so I did. My pet fell in love, she eats all the other flavors but this one is by far her favorite.She eats up to three servings a day, her bowel movements are regular, she no longer gets constipated and she is picking up her weight at a healthy rate. This product will undoubtedly go far b/c if I could get my overly-particular pooch to eat it religiously, it's a winner hands down.

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Letter #1292
“Your food is phenomenal. My 2 dogs love it.”
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Beagle’s Story
“This product has improved my Senior Beagle's quality of life! We used to feed her Alpo, and she would be nostalgic/ sleepy all day, to the point where she wouldn't notice when we came home until we woke her up. We recently (…)”
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Letter #1267
“My dog adores this food. I love it for the convenience. ”
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Ella’s Story
“Dear Freshpet, My Maltese, Ella had a sudden liver failure scare in 2016. Our vet gave her medicine and also suggested changing her diet and we decided to give Freshpet a try. We are happy to say in 2019, our now fourteen year (…)”
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Letter #2146
“My 12 year old chihuahua was having problems with his dry dog food, vomiting up undigested food and refusing to eat. He loved canned dog food, but that was so gross to serve, not to mention the smell! I have (…)”
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Barrett’s Story
“Hi my name is Barrett and I’m a service dog. My Best Friend is a disabled Veteran who Made me a toy called the Barrett Ball because I would chew every toy apart and he wanted to give back to me after (…)”
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