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Molly’s Story

My yellow lab Scout had cancer and started to decline. He would only eat his dry dog food if I put pieces of the Freshpet beef roll in his food. Often though I would just feed him a plate of the Freshpet beef roll for dinner since he loved it so much. It helped him to gain back several pounds from when he was very ill. I would give it to him as a treat too. He loved it and I loved it because Scout was the love of my life and it would make him happy and provide him with nutrition. The 6lb roll is really an excellent value vs buying six one pound rolls. Scout passed away in July. Now my other dog Molly has cancer and is having surgery on Monday. Just the last couple of days she won't eat her dinner--dry food mixed with tuna or canned wet food. So today I got her some of the Freshpet beef roll and she loves it. Thank you for this product.

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