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Remi’s Story

After seeing the results this had for my two year old sphynx cat, I HAD to write a review. Remi has suffered from chronic diarrhea and bowel inflammation since he was a kitten. Being that I work in the pet industry, experimenting with foods and having access to ultra premium brands is not a problem. However, finding the RIGHT food for Remi was a challenge. After months of food trials and vet visits it was proposed that he may have to go on a very expensive prescription diet--an ultimate last resort for me. I remembered the Vital cat food in our refrigerated section and thought, "We haven't tried THAT one yet" and gave it a shot. Within seven days of feeding Vital exclusively, Remi was producing consistently happy BMs!! He has never had poo look like that, even when he was on probiotics and medications to help firm up his stool. I was hoping for an improvement and was blown away by how quickly and positively his body reacted. Thank you for making such an amazing product--it has made an incredible difference for the both of us. No more liquid diarrhea, gurgling stomach, or messy litter box. I feel confident that HE feels good and that is an amazing feeling. You have a customer for life!! THANK YOU!

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“I love your product. I have 11 cats and Freshpet Vital has elimated nearly all litter box oder in our home. YEAH! I am wondering why you don't advertise the elimination/reducation in litter box oder as a benifit of feeding fresh pet (…)”
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Cocoa’s Story
“I have a very fussy dachshund. She eats food, then in a few days won't go near it. I have tried everything on the market. I introduced her to Freshpet in July when I was at an event in Bethlehem Pa and (…)”
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“My cats really enjoy Roasted Meals.”
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“Freshpet Select Roasted Meals is the greatest. Both of my Poms eat it; it changed their lives. ”
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Sandra Gallagher
“Greetings. My husband and I bought the 6 lb. beef of the FreshPet Select for my oldest dog, Murphy, who was diagnosed with Lymphoma. He wasn't given much time and we were told to make him comfortable. He managed to eat one (…)”
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Letter #1069
“My Chi loves Vital. Thanks for a super product at Petco!”
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