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Though I rely on reviews quite a bit, I am lax in writing them myself. I always say I'll go back, but never do. This is my first. I am truly compelled to write my praises for this product. I have a 14 year old lab - who like many of your pets I am sure - is the love of our lives. He's been on high quality food his entire life, but never fresh. We recently switched him to the Vital line. He has been eating the food, and treats, exclusively for about a month. It has literally changed his life! My husband and I joke that it's like the movie Cocoon! He hasn't had this much spunk and energy in years. His arthritis pain seems to have halved since he's been eating the food. And he can't gobble up the food fast enough -- he LOVES it!! We've also noticed that his bowel movements are much more routine and healthy (for lack of better word). I cannot thank FreshPet enough for putting out such a high quality product. You're making a difference in many lives, and extending them as well. Thank you. Thank you. I wish there was something more than 5 stars that I could give you as a rating.

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