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Lucy’s Story

Lucy is a chihuahua mix about 13 years old. We rescued her in the desert at about 8 months old. She has always had issues with eating. Picky, only wants people food. Lucy was always thin. We had taken to grinding up her dogfood and boiled chicken breast in a coffee grinder. She had also had a couple bouts of gastrioenteritis. A week ago she decided she did not want her normal food. I was making arrangements to get her to the vet but had to find something she would eat. I grabbed a small tube of Freshpet just to see if she may be at least interested. Now this is a dog who never liked wet food either. OH MY GOSH! The change overnight in this dog. She can't get enough of this wonderful food, even after a week. I swear she is part wolf now, guarding her bowl against the cat! Her stool is perfect. And all this with NO gradual change over in food, as she was blowing off the other. I am truly grateful and amazed. I really believe this food will add years to her life.

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