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Benny’s Story

I have a 4 lb Teacup Yorkie who is now 5 years old. A year ago he began to exhibit significant digestive problems and was throwing up daily and having diarrhea. I was beside myself with worry and he began to refuse food, all food. Tiny, as he is, he lost 1/2 lb and became listless. I tried every dry dog food on the market - chicken, lamb, salmon, white ocean fish, turkey, duck, and even wild kangaroo meat. He refused all of it - and then blisters appeared all over his belly and genitals. He itched and chewed on himself constantly. Turns out, he had developed an allergy to grains, fresh chicken, foul, and chicken by products. WHO KNEW??? I read about the Freshpet Vital refrigerated product line, crossed my fingers and tried him on the Grain Free Beef and Bison. He gobbled it up! And has continued to do so every day since. The pox-like blisters went away, theufffdufffditching stopped, he returned to his normal weight and regained his sweet temperament and energy ! What a wonderful product. He's happy... and so am I. Thanks for a perfect and healthy solution.

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