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Emily Wargo & Brady Frank

Our dog Lily absolutely LOVES Freshpet treats. In her old age, Lily's grown very picky with food. After countlessly rejecting other treats, Lily instantly loved your treats. The sight of them perks her up every time! She eats it up and then begs for more! It's funny to watch her bark and run around in circles for just one more treat! She even prefers Freshpet to human food, which is a big thing for a dog! And on top of that, her hair is smoother, and her eyes seem clearer. She is also more alert. You would never guess she's 90 years old in human years. We feel confident in giving her Freshpet treats because of their wholesome ingredients. To feed Lily something that's nutritious and tastes good is the best of all worlds for her and for us. Thank you for making our dog the happiest and most active she's been in years! Sincerely, Emily Wargo

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