Erin Taylor

When I first got Max, my main goal was to feed him a quality diet... This meant no unhealthy table scraps, no low-grade dog food, and no unnatural ingredients. Little did I know that Max would be such a picky eater. In fact, Max would eat so little that he would often become sick. I felt terrible because I knew Max felt terrible. I decided I'd give Freshpet a try. When I opened the bag, Max immediately started wiggling with excitement! Even I noticed how great the food smelled and looked. Honestly, it seemed like something a person would eat! As soon as I poured the food in his bowl he gobbled it down. Since I started giving Max Freshpet, he has gained three pounds and is now at a healthy weight. Max is also more energetic and doesn't have a problem keeping up with his other doggy friends. The best thing is, I didn't have to compromise when it came to Freshpet. I got exactly what I wanted in a dog food. Max is now eating a quality dog food, with all natural ingredients. With Freshpet, Max is being fed a complete and balanced diet and I feel comfortable knowing he is getting all the nutrition he needs. Thank you so much, Freshpet.

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