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Irina Katsnelson

Thank you for creating a pet food that finally gives pets the nutrition they so desperately need. When I first got my dog, Rafa, feeding him was a struggle. He didn't want to eat commercial dog food and would refuse to eat for a whole day sometimes. As I began my research into dog food, it became obvious why. Anxiety about what he was eating continued to weigh on me until I was walking in a store and Freshpet caught my eye. At first I thought it was too good to be true. Right away, the fact that Freshpet is refrigerated made me feel comfortable. The ingredients sounded fantastic too, with the right mix of meat and vegetables. I brought it home, and the rest is history. Rafa gets excited to eat every single day and is not finicky. He is full of energy, his coat looks great. It feels great to know Rafa is everything he needs from Freshpet and I can rest assured. Thank you, Freshpet!!!

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