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Letter #55

I have a little poodle named Peaches as she is very light beige but the very pink skin shows through and makes her look peachy color. We love her very much. I had never heard of your dog food before but she is very fussy about what she eats and policesu03beherself and us. It took some time, but we finally found thatu03bethe only wet food she would eat is Freshpet Select Chicken and Veggies. The only dry we feed is for poodles by best breed. She went for 4 whole days without eating till I brought your pet food home to her. She is so funny as she will not eat anything unless I am sitting in my chair in the family room while she eats and she checks all the time to make sure I an there. She is the 6th poodle we have had with 2 litter of 3 also and none were as fussy as she is about what she puts in her mouth. But we love anyway. She is now 5 and your food is the only wet dog food she will put past her lips, period. Jeni Jordan

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“My dog Hiker loves the chicken, veggie and rice Frestpet. She can't wait for me to feed her. I like it because I know it is natural and very healthy for her plus it doesn't smell nasty like processed canned dog food. (…)”
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“Rex is our dog baby.... he is not interested in typical dog food and seems like he would rather do without, UNTIL I decided to buy a bag of freshpet. Now he will sit beside the fridge waiting for time to eat. (…)”
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“I have three dogs with allergies and this is the first food that I have found that they will eat and it is healthy for them. Plus they don't have anymore skin problems and countless vet bills!”
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“My yellow lab Scout had cancer and started to decline. He would only eat his dry dog food if I put pieces of the Freshpet beef roll in his food. Often though I would just feed him a plate of the Freshpet (…)”
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Thank you for having a quality cat food which Samantha will eat.
“I have a 13 year old Siamese who has Hyperthyroidism and has lost a lot of weight. She does eat her Natures Balance dry food, but in small quantities. She will not eat any wet food and loves human food. We have (…)”
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Letter #1129
“I am so happy to find a dog food my dog can enjoy. It was very hard for me. I adopted her from a shelter and she was abused and had to have all her teeth pulled out. So it (…)”
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