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Letter #56

I just have to share my story of my beautiful golden doodle Sadie. Sadie is 5 years old and was diagnosed with ostesarcoma of her right leg. Our vet suggested that feeding her a raw diet. Food is so important with a condition like cancer. The time of her diagnose was 5 months ago. At that time our holistic vet and the oncology vet said that even with an amputation she would only have 6 month. We are treating her with holistic meds and feeding her Freshpet along with her best buddy Charlie. Charlie is a cockatoo and also loves his Freshpet. Our Sadie is a little more tired but she is still full of life and I believe it is the food along with the meds. I am so glad that switched. Even the vets can't believe that she is so good and healthy. We just keep praying for the day by day health. Thank you.

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