Marcy Dean

Last May, a friend called to say she was fostering a Boxer puppy that she thought would be perfect for our family. We immediately fell in love. None of us had ever had a dog before. We were overwhelmed by the choices on the shelves of the pet and grocery stores. We tried a variety of dry and canned foods. None of them sat well with Rocky, who seemed to have a very sensitive tummy. A neighbor suggested that Freshpet offered a way for us to feed Rocky fresh, wholesome food that he'd be able to digest. Once we started him on Freshpet, we saw sustained improvement in his digestive system. And we all felt better about the real food ingredients in Freshpet. Based on the way he eats it, we're pretty sure that Rocky thinks mealtime is the most exciting part of his day. We often get compliments about his silky smooth, shiny coat - one neighbor says we could have named him Velvet.ufffd We can't imagine our family without Rocky. And Rocky can't imagine a day without Freshpet!

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Letter #1528
“This is the first dog dog food I have found in 8 years of searching that my very fussy poodle will eat without my having to add boiled chicken to. Thank you Freshpet!”
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Letter #1100
“ I tried this food and my babies love it! I won't feed my babies anything else! I drive a total of 80 miles round trip for this food! Wish we could get someone in the zip code area 31036!!!! ”
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Letter #1963
“My little pugs with skin problems are doing better after my pharmacist (who also feeds your brand) recommeneded Freshpet Select.”
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Big hit with my dog!
“I love this recipe combination for my dog and she loves it too! People comment all the time how beautifully lean and fit she looks. The only regret I have is that it doesn't come in a bigger size. Keep up the (…)”
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Letter #1165
“My dog suddenly stopped eating his food, despite it having baked chicken and chicken liver mixed with the kibble. I thought he might be sick or else "sick of" his food. So I went to Target and bought the small tube (…)”
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Letter #1408
“My 4 dogs love Freshpet food and treats.”
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