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Letter #90

To say my two rescue dogs like FreshPet food would be gross understatement! THEY LOVE IT To no avail, I tried every brand of food available....even the most "elegant" and expensive brands, only to have them sniff, turn up their nose and walk away. Only when they got so very hungry did they finally eat "a bit". Never a full serving. I tried adding scrambled eggs and cottage cheese to stimulate their appetite. NOPE! FINALLY! FINALLY! FINALLY! I saw Freshpet in the market and thought, what the heck, and bought the log. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would see these two not only devour, their dinner but jumping up and down in pure ecstasy while I was preparing it. At precisely their dinnertime I, the supposed head of the pack, get led to the kitchen in no uncertain terms to get their dinner. Pepper, Zeva and their humble caretaker, thank you for a healthy and quite tasty product.

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