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Raul Penaranda

As Lola grew older, her joints were bothering her. She wasn't as active and it was difficult for her to jump down from the bed. Once I introduced Freshpet, I have definitely noticed an increase in her energy level, as well as her mobility. With previous dog foods, my dogs could be really picky; only eating a portion of the food. With Freshpet, the dish is clean within minutes. From the moment we introduced this food, they knew it was good. They just go crazy for Freshpet. I first found out about Freshpet in a commercial where they mentioned ufffdufffdufffdno preservatives or additives.ufffdufffdufffd Plus, Freshpet is in the fridge so you know it's fresh. As a consumer of pet food, I noticed other brands claim to have chicken, beef or seafood; but with Freshpet, the food actually smells like these ingredients. Thank you, Freshpet!

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