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Freshpet brought my St. Bernard Henry back to life.

Your product, Fresh Pet Chicken, saved my puppy's life. No exaggeration. Henry is a St. Bernard, almost nine years old. He has had many digestive problems throughout his life. He was finally on prescription canned food that cost the same as my monthly mortgage payment, but we do what we have to for our family. A little over a year ago he was rapidly losing weight and got down to 115 pounds. He lost his hair. He was dying in front of my eyes. In June of last year, his prescription food was late and I had run out of my extra stored cans. I tried your product to temporarily sustain him until his food came in. The results were almost immediate. He gained weight. He grew back his hair. He came to life again. Thank you for allowing me to have him happy and healthy for the rest of the time we do have with him.

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