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Thank you for your hard work to create such a fantastic food for my dogs.

We have been using Freshpet for a little while now. It all started when my boyfriend's mom was given a coupon for 1 lb Freshpet roll which we split up between our two dogs and her one dog. THEY LOVED IT FROM THE START. Every where we go we are commented on their appearance, especially their coats. They are so shiny and healthy since we started giving them Freshpet once daily. My boyfriend and I give it to our two dogs every day at dinner time with a cup of their dry food. They know it is coming and are extremely eager to get their food. They seem to like Freshpet a lot and honestly, so do we. I would recommend Freshpet to anyone and everyone! It honestly was one of the best decisions we have made for our dogs and I wouldn't have it any other way! Thank you Freshpet for all of your hard work to create such a fantastic food for our dogs!

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Really liked the Fresh Baked. Girls finished it in 5 minutes.
“I am in tears! Even though I feed raw, I have been looking for a dry food to travel with and because I am not sure if my girl's needs are met by raw alone! We have tried every "good" brand out (…)”
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Letter #1679
“Just wanted to say my husky, Maya, loves Freshpet Vital that I top over her dry food; she gobbles it up. I am so glad that this company is committed to providing healthy food for dogs. Thank you! ”
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Letter #1405
“My two dogs LOVE these treats! They are by far their favorite. With these treats, we have taught them to fetch and retrieve, sit and stay, kennel break, and potty train them! These treats make it so easy because (…)”
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Letter #1330
“My dog used to be so picky but loves Freshpet Select food and treat!”
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Letter #1453
“Your products are a life saver. My mom's two dogs love the product!”
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Letter #1542
“Our dog will not eat anything else but your Freshpet Homestyle stews. He also loves your refrigerated treats! Your foods are the best on the market!! Nothing comes close. Absolutely nothing!!!!!!!!”
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