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Thank you for making a fresh food product. My dog is happy again.

I just wanted to thank you for your fresh products. I've struggled with finding a food that I felt comfortable giving my pets. My current pet is a Terrier, he'll be 3 in January. When his last bag of dog food got low, I decided to try a change. I am so glad I did. His eyes are brighter, his coat is healthier, his skin isn't dry and flaky anymore, he's active and feisty again. He's always been a happy dog, but I hadn't realized how quiet he had gotten. I saw your product and thought how I worry about how fresh food is for my family, why would my dog want to eat dry food that's been sitting and probably gotten stale. It made sense. So I just want to say thank you for making a food product, actual FOOD product, for him. He knows that his food is now kept in the refrigerator along with our food, and not sitting in a storage container. He gets excited when it's dinnertime for the family. His old food would sit, half eaten, until I threw out the old food from his bowl and put new food in it to do all over again. Now, he sits next to me waiting for me to break up the food into his bowl. It's gone in about 30 seconds after I've given him the okay to eat, and he's so happy! Thank you, thank you for bringing him back to me. I will be forever grateful, and forever loyal to your product and your company.

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