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I've been feeding my dogs dry dog food for all of their lives. Occasionally I would put some wet food in if they weren't eating it all. I started hearing about grain free and gluten free dog foods and since all my dogs ( 3 seniors, 2 adult ) each have a separate issue with food, I put them on one specific brand and got the wet to go with it. I started hearing about Freshpet and decided to try it. They all love it! Now one of my dogs gets Bladder Stones and Freshpet was the food I turned to for her because it has the lowest protein level of all foods I could find. Two other of my dogs have allergies to gluten so again, I give them this with the kibble. Since giving Freshpet and the specific kibble that they get, my dogs have their appetites back, their coats are in good condition and at feeding time, all 5 can't wait for me to put down their bowls. They love this food and I love that my dogs love to eat again. And above all, your food is affordable! Thank you Freshpet. Your food is the best food out there by far.

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Mango’s Story
“My 10 yr old beagle, Mango, is a rescued dog. I have tried to give her good dog food. She was eating a brand that advertised no preservatives/msg/wheat/ etc. but there were still alot of ingredients she didn't need in her diet. (…)”
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Letter #1056
“Thanks for your roasted meals. My cat gobbles them up!”
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“My Maltese loves the Freshpet Select rolls. ”
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“I love the Vital Complete Meals.”
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Letter #1547
“My boyfriend and I stumbled upon Freshpet this past weekend. After reading the ingredient lists (impressive!!) we decided to try the small dog "tube" of Chicken, Veggie & Rice. As soon as we got home, we cut off a slice, and (…)”
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Cooper’s Story
“Our old dog just want interested in his food, so we tried changing it three times. Finally, my husband purchased Freshpet, and now Cooper can't wait to eat, and he eats every bit. Thanks for making our dog so happy!”
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