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Georgie Peorgie’s Story

My best buddy is was a rescue so his age and history are not well known. We think he is 9 or 10. He has blessed my life for 3 years. My vet found a heart murmur and last summer he went into sudden congestive heart failure. It was in July, in the middle of the high heat and my vet was honest; she said she didn't think he could survive the heat wave. He stopped eating, lost 6 lbs which is huge on a little guy and had to be hospitalized. I took him home thinking I would let him pass at home. He would not give up. He is such a fighter. He was a "southern" dog, found on the streets, had been shot with a bb gun and had a perfectly formed hole in his chest we found on xray. As we started him on heart meds, he hated it. Would not eat or take his meds. I was desperate. I spent at least $300 trying to find any food that would work in addition to his sky high vet and hospital bills. But if he wouldn't give up, why should I? I found this roll at Pet Supplies Plus, he has allergies on top of everything and thought, just try it. It was a miracle. Not embellishing. He ate it up like it was the last supper. I was able to sneak his meds in the food and his energy level exploded. He started looking like my little guy again. He pulled out of heart failure, gained weight back and he is still getting the Beef and Bison twice a day. I can give him his meds without a fuss or forcing the pills in him. As long as I have his roll cut up, he doesn't care what I put in there. His coat is healthy now, his teeth are back to normal and he has a spark in his eyes along with the energy level of a 4 year old! My vet is always in awe every time he has a check-up. She can't believe he survived. So, thank you for creating a food that allowed me to save my little guy, my best friend.

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