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Andy, Bogie’s Story

I have two Boston Terriers and they both love it. I love it because my oldest one can hardly eat anything without getting diarrhea and my youngest one has allergies that affect his ears with certain foods and he just never wants to eat even though he's already skinny. We decided to try putting this in with the natural kibble we get from Petsmart and the dogs love it! The youngest one finally licks the bowl clean and neither of them have had any problems. It is a little pricey but since we just put small cut up slices on top of their kibble it's not too expensive to us. I would definitely give it a shot if you're looking for a natural food that won't bother any stomach issues or allergies and it's great for picky eaters. I plan on trying every flavor they sell.

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Letter #74
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Letter #1614
“My dogs go nuts for your food. They cry and jump til I put Freshpet down for them to eat. ”
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Thank you for your hard work to create such a fantastic food for my dogs.
“We have been using Freshpet for a little while now. It all started when my boyfriend's mom was given a coupon for 1 lb Freshpet roll which we split up between our two dogs and her one dog. THEY LOVED IT FROM (…)”
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Letter #2286
“I have a 15 year old Yorkshire Terrier whose health has declined over the last year and a half. Last year, other than the usual age-related issues, Toby started getting eye infections and would scratch at his skin constantly. This did not (…)”
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Letter #1842
“Our dog loves your treats.”
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Grampa Jellybeanz’s Story
“I work at an animal shelter (The Michigan Humane Society) and see hundreds of malnourished pets every day. Recently I've fostered a 17yr old underweight cat with hyperthyroid disorder. His name is Grampa Jellybeanz, and he's stolen the hearts of every person (…)”
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