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Mia’s Story

Well I have a mixed Husky that is currently a little over a year old. Pretty much from the beginning till a couple months ago, it was hard finding something she would eat. Purina pre-made bowls were what I was buying until they kept getting expensive. So I tried switching her to Pedigree cans, and from what I saw she would only sniff it and probably knock it over. So I was walking through Petsmart one day, and I always walk past the fridge that has dog food. Never expected anything great because I always thought it was expensive so I didn't pay any attention. Well one day I stopped and started looking through Freshpet foods, and saw it was reasonable to afford. Bought a 6 lb roll of it, and broke it down into bags for her meal prep. She ate it all just like that! I was surprised.. So from that day on I continue to buy it every week.

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Bruiser’s Story
“Hello to all you folks at Freshpet, I just want you to know what a difference your food has made for our dog. Bruiser is a 2 1/2 year old Jack Russell terrier. He's always had a very sensitive stomach and anxiety issues. (…)”
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Letter #1720
“My two dogs love the taste of Freshpet Deli Fresh!”
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Lily’s Story
“Our Rat Terrier/Cattle Dog mix suffered from horrible allergies. She had raw skin on her belly, base of the tail, and elbows. Our vet said it was most likely a corn allergy so we eliminated corn and that helped some but not (…)”
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Letter #1369
“My very picky cat loves Freshpet Select. This is his favorite.”
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Dottie/Baby/Honey’s Story
“it is so hard to find dog food puppies food that does not have red dyes, they could be potentially dangerous for my dog. I've seen all the Select pet commercials and after a few months I actually tried it out. the (…)”
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Marcy Dean
“Last May, a friend called to say she was fostering a Boxer puppy that she thought would be perfect for our family. We immediately fell in love. None of us had ever had a dog before. We were overwhelmed by the choices on (…)”
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