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Mia’s Story

Well I have a mixed Husky that is currently a little over a year old. Pretty much from the beginning till a couple months ago, it was hard finding something she would eat. Purina pre-made bowls were what I was buying until they kept getting expensive. So I tried switching her to Pedigree cans, and from what I saw she would only sniff it and probably knock it over. So I was walking through Petsmart one day, and I always walk past the fridge that has dog food. Never expected anything great because I always thought it was expensive so I didn't pay any attention. Well one day I stopped and started looking through Freshpet foods, and saw it was reasonable to afford. Bought a 6 lb roll of it, and broke it down into bags for her meal prep. She ate it all just like that! I was surprised.. So from that day on I continue to buy it every week.

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Lacey’s Story
“My dog Lacey has been so picky and hard to find any food for... I bought every kind but when I found the small dog select bite size chicken with. Carrots and cranberries she LOVES it.. She gobbles it up and looks (…)”
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Letter #1044
“My pup's allergies have stopped since using your Freshpet Select products. Thank you!”
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Tiger33’s Story
“We got our cat Tiger 8 years ago when he was about 4 months old. From the first vet trip we noticed a problem with his bowels, which the vet gave him a dewormer and said the diarrhea was typical, switching foods (…)”
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Letter #1645
“My puppy was abused before I adopted her and she would often cower and be afraid of most things. But after feeding her your Dog Joy treats, she's happy & playful.”
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Letter #3470
“Hello Freshpet, My Milo is a Maltease and poodle breed. Milo was getting to the point where he stopped eating he was throwing up on a regular basis. I saw a commercial for Freshpet and thought let's try it. Well he ate (…)”
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Puddles’s Story
“Dear Freshpet- My family got our yorkie, Puddles, when I was 8 years old. He has always been lively and active- at only 6 pounds, he would beat my sister and I in a foot race every single day! Anyone who came to (…)”
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