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Jethro/Nellie Gray’s Story

As our "kids" get older they often start being picky about their food, this is where Freshpet has stepped in and helped not one but two of our dogs. When Nellie Gray our Great Dane was 7 she became ill with a neurologic condition and along with that her appetite was gone. W tried every dog food, humane food, any combination to get her to eat. Warmed food, cold food, even feeding her from our dinner dishes and nothing. Our daughter came home from work (doggie daycare) with a sample of Freshpet and Nellie was hooked! From that day on she ate very well and was able to go on for another year! Jethro is our current Great Dane who is 10 years 5 months old and decided when if turned 10 not to eat anymore. When it started I was working and my husband called to say Jethro wouldn't eat, which was very unusual for him. Since I was at work at the SPCA I brought home several samples of food to try and well no luck. I tried for about 2 weeks and still not luck, so off to find Freshpet. Once again I was thrilled to see Jethro not only eat but enjoy the food. That was 5 months ago, he has put on weight, loves to eat his Freshpet and is thriving, for an old man. Thank You Freshpet!!

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