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Joe’s Story

Our little boys name is Joe. He is a 7 year old Pomapoo. Joe is a very finicky eater. Ever since Joe was a puppy he has been spoiled by his Daddy. Daddy always made sure that Joe had the best of everything. No matter what the rest of the family would be having for dinner Daddy would be in the kitchen cooking Joe his own grilled chicken breast, roasted pork tenderloin or bbq sirloin steak. Daddy spoiled Joe so much that Mom had a very hard time finding a dog food that Joe would not turn his nose up on. One day Mom came home with Freshpet dog food and Freshpet Dog Joy treats and turkey bacon. Joe loved it!!!!!!!!!! Freshpet is the only store bought dog food that Joe will eat. Thank you Freshpet for making a remarkable dog food that is all natural and just as good if not better than what Daddy makes!!!!!!!

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Letter #95
“My little cairn terrier just had 15 teeth removed. She's a fussy little girl and is also diabetic. I tried the Fresh pet mini containers and the dog treats which are soft for her. Well, it's a winner, no more soaking up (…)”
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Letter #1215
“We have a 15 year old Chihuahua who NEVER ate any of the dog food we gave her until Freshpet. Freshpet Select is a blessing to her and us. We have NEVER been able to put a plate down and (…)”
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Letter #1336
“We just switched to Vital Beef & Bison. My dog loves it! We are both so happy now!”
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Letter #1742
“Thank you for making such a wonderful product for my dog. He doesn't have any gas since eating Freshpet! It would be nice if your products were carried at more places in town other than Wal-Mart though. Thanks, keep up (…)”
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Letter #1603
“I just wanted to thank you for this food. I have such a picky eater but now, after eating Freshpet for two nights, she begged me to fix her supper. She eats it all happily, she even licks the bowl (…)”
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Letter #1634
“My Bichon loves Freshpet Select.”
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