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Maggie’s Story

When Maggie adopted us 3 years ago, she spoiled us and we, in turn, spoiled her! Our little sweetheart wouldn't eat dog food and was a real challenge to feed. We found a canned dog food she would finally eat if we cooked pork chops and chopped it up and incorporated it into her food. Last night, at Festival Foods, I was buying pork chops and just happened into the pet aisle. There was the refrigerated section of Freshpet! I grabbed the chicken select....what the heck! The next morning, Maggie ate the food without added pork chops and I just fed it to her again for dinner! She absolutely LOVES it! Thank you! You now have VERY HAPPY CUSTOMERS! We're buying more tomorrow and will try all of the dog food! We're sure it will be a hit! Love You! Maggie, Gerry and Sandy Cepon

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Letter #1477
“We love your products. ”
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Snickers’s Story
“my small dog was always eating chicken that i cooked for her and i know that doesnt have everything she needs so when i seen pet fresh deli i tried it and she loved it dont have to cook for her anymore (…)”
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Letter #2295
“My dog Sunny was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and we were told she would need to change her diet to something healthier, with less fillers, lower fat and sodium. We boiled chicken but that was tedious and then we discovered (…)”
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Letter #1503
“My peanut loves it. Thank you for such a great product for her. ”
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Your food got her appetite back and we are so pleased.
“I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with your product! My dog is almost 9 and we want to give her the best food we can. She actually got very sick from a leading brand of dog food and (…)”
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Madison’s Story
“My Madison is 12 years old and doesn't look a day over 6. She has been eating Freshpet Select Home Cooked Chicken Recipe forever. She is the pickiest of the pickiest when it comes to eating anything and when I discovered and (…)”
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