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Letter #79

My Madison is an 8yr old german shepherd mix and also the most pickiest eater EVER! She has major stomach issues and was always on a almost daily basis eating grass repeatedly and vomiting. She was even on Tagment for her stomach at one time. I can hear her tummy squeak and growl from another room and I have been worried about her all her life and the vet can't pin point exactly what she has. He told me she is just an unusual dog. The dog food I have had to throw away or give away if it was still good or not opened was costing me and has costed me a lot of money. I saw your dog food at a local store and decided to give it a try and she will never eat anything else. She loves your dog food the chicken, brown rice and vegetables and the chicken and turkey with brown rice and vegetables. I buy her the jumbo roll the Chicken and several small rolls the Chicken and Turkey to trade off for variety and she just gobbles down every last bit in her bowl.. Her keeping the food down and not wanting to run out and eat grass right away is the best feeling for me ever and her too!! Thank you so much for giving her a dog food that is fresh and I know the ingredients are the best, She no longer eats grass but maybe 1-2x's a month as opposed to everyday. She has put on weight her coast is shiny and I have noticed her shedding less too. She actually paws her food bowl which for me is a joyful sight. Thank you Freshpet for being partly responsible for saving my dogs life Patti and Madison Woof!!

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