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My 3 cats love FP RM for Cats. Glad I found FP!

I had taken my cats off dry food and switched them to wet after hearing so much about kidney and UTI issues. It was a challenge, as I free feed my cats and I couldn't even leave wet food down because they would gobble it all down. I fed them the "good stuff" but saw your food in the fridge at "albertsons" one day and decided to try it. OMG!! My orange tabby "don julio" is soooo picky about his food. He never meowed for food in the past, but once he tried yours, he now meows for his food and goes nuts for it! The other two love it too so i'm switching to just "Freshpet". Thanks for a great product, they sure love it and I've never seen them so excited for food like they are now. Only problem is everytime that I open from the fridge, they think I'm going to feed them their "Freshpet". They want it all the time. Glad I found you, keep up the great work!

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