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Baby, Benji, Bailey, Banjo and Bella’s Story

We're the proud owners of 5 beautiful Maltese's. We've had them since they were born in our home 5 years ago and could not part with them. I have the mother, Baby and her babies...Benji Boy, Banjo Baby, Bailey Button and Bella Baby. They are so picky when it comes to eating. If one doesn't eat it, then the rest follow suit. They only like wet food and I've tried everything and to no avail, they could not digest the food. So, I noticed an advertisement on T.V. for Freshpet and decided to give it a try. Eureka... it worked! Dinner time is so funny when they are getting fed. Benji is so funny when he comes running out and when he hears the refrigerator opening and smells the food. Bella, goes running to her daddy and tells him that she's going to eat! When preparing their meals. I'm being surrounded by hungry dogs begging and waiting to eat. Then after their meals, they know it's treat time and they love the Chicken Treats. That's the only thing that gets all of them in from the outside when I stand by the door shaking the bag. On behalf of Baby, Benji, Bailey, Banjo and Bella...Thank you Freshpet!!!

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