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Carmella’s Story

Carmella (Maltipoo), is very finicky and really only wanted to eat fresh roasted organic chicken breast... But I was concerned because chicken alone was a recipe for disaster and potential allergies... She would nibble atufffdorganic kibble that I mixed in the chicken breast, but she wasn't all that excited and knew for a 3 year old dog she was NOT at her best. I had to supplement with a dog vitamin. On Valentines Day - my family went on a picnic (we brought our girl), the park was very dog friendly and we started chatting with a fellow dog (Maltese) owner... Her dog was also a PICKY eater - but not anymore!!!! She told us about Vital and we started feeding Carmella the next day!!! What a change - it has been wonderful and her little body seems to thrive now. Her coat is improving and the tearing around her eyes has subsided. Also her potties (#2's) are very healthy, no loose bowels, which was a real concern in the past. Thank you FRESHPET, I'm gonna start using your treats too!

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