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Bristen & Zuzu’s Story

I've got two chihuahuas aged 10 and 11. One super picky eater (one kibble at a time with many rejects along the way) and one chow hound where anything goes and usually within seconds not minutes. I decided to try Vital after a long list of other tries. Wow. I never would've expected my picky eater to finish her meal before the chow hound. The only thing I found that was needed was to cut the chunks in half for Miss Picky. She's 4 lbs and a delicate eater. Now she polishes off dinner in less than half the time spent on any other offering. My speedy chow hound on the other hand (5 lbs) takes longer to eat than usual. I leave the chunks as is which seems to make the difference. I've never had this enthusiasm for dinner before unless I was feeding them chicken or steak pieces from my own dinner. It's only been a few weeks but feeding time is a pleasure for everyone now.

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