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Dandie De Medici’s Story

My papillon Dandie and I provide pet & house care together and we see many a well fed and fussy pups. This summer while at caring for a holistic client's horse ranch pets, their dog introduced Dandie to Freshpet. Dandie is one of the pickiest eaters on the "Dailey dog" planet. But once introduced to Beef & Bison by Fresh pet, our ward Molly's dinner, he was not going back to Science Diet or Precise canned. His choice has improved his incidence of tummy upset and lower GI irritability and his coat glistens. He is satisfied. I haven't tried the other flavors. I find him waiting to be fed instead of grazing on crunchy carbs that he's really not interested in for the most part. He's not sharing, lol and happily eats his portion.

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Momo’s Story
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Letter #1122
“I love Freshpet and feed the 1lb chicken rolls.”
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“The cat food is very healthy for my pet. Thank you for your products. ”
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“Thank you for making feeding easier. Sydney & Ace love Freshpet Select!”
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Letter #99
“FRED is one of three beagles and Fred just wanted to let you know that your products are AWLSOME and yummie.”
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