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Toto’s Story

Toto is a 1-1/4 year old Silky Terrier She won't eat dry food unless she's starving, and no matter what we tried in canned food, she'd barely eat it, then throw it up. We saw the 1 pound sausage Freshpet Select Chicken at Petco for $7+ and decided to give it a try. Unbelievable! She gobbled it up like there was no tomorrow, so we waited... she held it down! We were sold! Found it at Vons for about $2 less, and they had it in a 6 pound sausage for a little less than $15, so we bought it. For her 10 pound size, this sausage lasts her 2 weeks. We also tried the Beef, and same result, she absolutely loves it. I HIGHLY recommend this dog food, we alternate between the two (chicken & beef) and couldn't be happier. $30 a month is not bad at all.

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