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Letter #85

A couple months ago (early February) I took in a rescue chihuahua (mix). he is 3 yrs old weighs around 10 lbs. In his first 3 years he had 2 owners both pasted away. We I took him it was as a test to see how he would get along with me and my cat. I am in an electric wheelchair the whole time im up. I live in my own apartment with a little daily help from my friends. Soldier was well trained to go out doors for his "duties". He was rather non-energetic and that was attributed to his first 3 years and being moved around. I had learned a while back of most dog foods having by-products and fillers including the high priced brands. So I decided to try him on a "human quality" brand of dog food. I decided on Freshpet because it is available in my local grocery near my apartment. I bought "CHUNKY BEEF RECIPE FRESHPET SELECT". Iu03befollowed the suggested serving size and feed him once a day. I am amazed as is the rescue org he came from. His stool is now solid and consistant. His energy level is greatly increased. He loves this stuff. In fact I have now started my cat on Fresh Pet as well. No more finicky eating cat. I do wish you offered a crunchy brand to help keep his teeth white. The cost is not too bad either if you just follow the recommended amount for your dog. I live on a mothly disability check so money is very important to me. Thank you for a much needed product.

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