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Mocha,Sophie,Heidi’s Story

My girls used to stare at their dry kibble and walk away at meal time.I tried adding sour cream, yogurt, hiding treats in their kibble and just adding water to it.One of my girls got a yeast infection in her ear! I then concluded that they needed a quality moist food added in.I tried some different canned foods but not all of them liked the same one! I also wasn't impressed with some of the ingredients either! I decided to try your chicken and vegetable chub. All three of them loved it! Sophie has a peanut butter allergy and a beef allergy too. My girls are Belgium Shepard Lab (Sophie), Lab Newfoundland (Mocha), and Collie Retriever Irish Setter (Heidi) so as you can tell they are big girls with big appetites! I noticed that both Sophie and Mocha have lost weight and have less stiffness in their legs too! They are both 4 years old this month. Heidi is only two. She is more playful and happy now. She had been ignoring her toys for a while but yesterday she brought me a squeaky ball to play fetch with! I use filtered water for them too. After losing my beloved Border Aussie, Pepper and my Lab Chow, Yogi to cancer within four months of each other I decided to buy a filter for my sink and watch what I fed my next dogs! I never want to lose another dog to cancer again! Please tell your pet parents to use filtered water for their fur kids and to stay away from"by products" in their food too! The money they save in cheap food isn't worth the heartache of losing your best friend early! Pepper was only ten. I think she would have lived longer if I had fed her better food and filtered water! Yogi was eleven. He had epilepsy also since age 1-1/2. Since he was on Phenobarbital every day I had to hide it in something. I tried lunchmeat but it shredded. I tried pill pockets but they were expensive.When his blood work came back with low calcium I was inspired to try cream cheese. It worked! No more wrestling spit out pills into his mouth! I wrapped each one in a cream cheese cocoon and down they went! And more importantly, not as many seizures! As you can tell I dearly love my dogs! I have no children so they are my kids! I only work part time but your food is worth the money. I tried the nuggets in the bag too but they love the chub the best. I cut off a slice and hand shred it onto their dry kibble. If I forget or I'm in a hurry to get to work and nothing gets put on their food they stare at their dish and nose the kibble and then they walk away! Yes, they have me well trained! Thanks for letting me share my dog tale with you! I hope it inspires other pet parents to use your products!

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