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7 years old and he finally likes a food!

My younger chihuahua is almost 7 years old, and has always been a finicky eater. He has never weighed more than 4.8 lbs, and looked underweight. The vet said it was just his body type. I tried many different foods with him including canned food. He would just pick at his food and never eat a whole meal at one time. It was so frustrating. Finally, I tried him on FreshPet Select, and he goes crazy for it! He has gained an entire pound and looks so healthy, and has maintained that weight for a month now. I am so happy, yet I feel so bad knowing that for almost seven years he never liked a food that I gave him. He gets excited t meal times now and licks his bowl clean! I would definitely recommend this to anyone for their pet. I have tried three different flavors and he loves them all. Don't wait... Treat your pet.

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