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Pete’s Story

My name is Chris and I love the Boston Terrier breed with all my heart. I grew up with a female named Tasha didn't know much about dog food quality, when she passed I took a while to be able to accept another Boston into my heart. I moved from New Orleans to Florida and needed a friend so I chose to find a Boston Terrier rescue anywhere I could. That's when I met my Gentleman Pete from a shelter called "Canine Castaways" in a small SWFl town, Arcadia. The Foster Mom told me about Freshpet and how she mixed it with his dry food, once I found out her brand I had been well educated in Dog food content and my breeds nutrition needs so I'll just say she was feeding him corn & tree bark! I said never again, you are getting the best, so I lay down a base layer of small dry kibble bites with a high protein content then flake off the Freshpet with a fork just how he likes it, he wants a kind of Doggy Gumbo. We are sooo loyal to this brand any coupons or gifts would help Pete and I greatly.Ruff!

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tanga, jack’s Story
“My daughter first advised me about this food after she bought it for her dog. I have 2 cats. The older one is 8 years old and has been on science hill diet food for 2 years (very recommended). He wasn't losing (…)”
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Letter #2046
“I don't know what kind of aphrodisiac you put in your cat food, but you have totally and completely spoiled my two cats. Walking through the kitchen used to be easy; now, not so much. They wait for me and howl until (…)”
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Pumpkin’s Story
“Hello. Our sweet dog, Pumpkin, has literally had her life saved thanks to Freshpet. Pumpkin is going to be 17 years old this July. Aside from being very advanced in age, Pumpkin is also in renal failure. She has had Kidney issues (…)”
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Letter #1303
“Teacup Chihuahua is doing great on the Freshpet. ”
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Letter #1884
“My dogs absolutely love this. I started them out with a bag of the the Dog Joy beef treats, which they practically inhaled. Yesterday bought a 1.5 pound roll each of the Beef and Chicken recipes. We feed them dry (…)”
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chico’s Story
“I have a 1yr old Chihuahua who cant sit still when Iufffdm preparing his breakfast. he runs around the living room and back into the kitchen so excited. I love giving him freshpet because he loves it and his fur looks so (…)”
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