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PIXIE’s Story

I have had my chihuahua baby girl for over a year now. She was 12 weeks old when I got her last year? Now 15 months old and the most finicky pet I have ever had? I tried everything for her and she would not eat at most times for a day or two? I started her on Freshpet, the turkey and chicken with fresh veggies and brown rice and she goes absolutely nuts when she see's me picking up her bowl at feeding time. She loves it and licks the bowl clean and hoes back to her bowl over and over to see if there is more! Thankyu so much for such an excellent food for pets! I feel so much better knowing she eats with such desire and I am a happy Chimommy! It's affordable and it smells good too!! Like people food! Also her skin and coat and muscle mass have changed so much? She glows!

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