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Teddy’s Story

My Pomeranian Teddy was about 4 years old when I noticed he was gaining weight. I asked the vet about it and they put him on a "prescription" dog food for weight loss. It didn't really help him lose weight, and at his next annual check up, his bloodwork results for kidney function were very elevated. This vet wanted to start ultra sounds and all types of treatments. I thought he was too young to not try a more holistic approach. I researched his food ingredients and found that they were full of preservatives that could cause kidney failure. And even though I pointed this out to the vet, they swore it wouldn't be causing the problem. I researched Fresh Pet and found that it was just what I was looking for. All healthy ingredients, no chemical preservatives. I switched food, and vets. In addition to Fresh Pet, we added a dose of salmon oil to his food. Ted's next annual check up, his kidney values were perfectly normal. Thanks Fresh Pet!! You saved my Teddy's life!!

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